Le Mouvement, Performing the City, Swiss Sculpture Exhibition, Biel/Bienne, August 26 – 31, 2014

The Berlin-based artist duo Prinz Gholam consists of the German artist Wolfgang Prinz (b. 1969) and the Beirut-born artist Michel Gholam (b. 1963). Working together since 2001, they have developed a performative practice involving actions reminiscent of tableaux vivants to represent the visual unconscious and the vast archive of images it contains. In the work they present for Le Mouvement, Prinz Gholam pursue these interests on broader footing. Entitled Nastagio’s Itinerary (2014), after Botticelli’s Nastagio degli Onesti (1483), and the eponymous tale in Boccaccio’s Decameron, the work builds upon the curse of repetition at the center of the tale. Interrogating the nature of performance, and where it begins and ends, Prinz Gholam have declared the entire stay in Biel for Le Mouvement to be a performance which will, however, only be visible to the public at a specific time and place on each of the six days. At once poignant and absurd, this is a subtle and open work, which shows just how closely performance is woven into our everyday lives. (catalogue text: Chris Sharp)

Nastagio’s Intinerary (2014)
Duration: 20 min.
Location: Robert-Walser-Platz
August 26 – 31, 14:00