upcoming: documenta 14, Athens and Kassel

performances in Athens: April 7 – 10, 2017

Prinz Gholam embark on a method of embedding corporeal constellations which they internalize from paintings, sculptures and historical photographs, on both the sites of the ANCIENT AGORA (ODEON OF AGRIPPA) and the TEMPLE OF OLYMPIAN ZEUS. 
Their performance My Sweet Country withdraws its sources from Delacroix, Michel Butor’s text on Delacroix, Nelly’s pictorial language, and Wilhelm von Plüschow’s ambivalent arcadian codes to name just a few. As a couple, their research is a corporeal activity investing in the reality they encounter on site through a long term practice. Now the embodied source material imposes itself onto the archeological site on which it is presented. Prinz Gholam’s performative commitment enters in an immediate relationship to the omnipresent visible and acoustic surroundings layering over the archeological ruins as a public space in a city, and as a site of cultural incompletion.